Definition of ORGANISATION


Source: WordNet 3.1

  • 3. (

    ) an organized structure for arranging or classifying; "he changed the arrangement of the topics"; "the facts were familiar but it was in the organization of them that he was original"; "he tried to understand their system of classification" ;

  • 4. (

    ) an ordered manner; orderliness by virtue of being methodical and well organized; "his compulsive organization was not an endearing quality"; "we can't do it unless we establish some system around here" ;

  • 5. (

    ) the act of organizing a business or an activity related to a business; "he was brought in to supervise the organization of a new department" ;

  • 6. (

    ) the activity or result of distributing or disposing persons or things properly or methodically; "his organization of the work force was very efficient" ;

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